LEGS 2016 at Corner College, 2016-02-27
Photo documentation


We would like to thank all the artists and performers who took part and contributed to making this a wonderful event! Please find below the links to several pages with photo documentation of the performance relay.


Photos by Urs Schmid, Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Photos by code flow, iPhone 6

Photos by code flow, NIKON D90 (full size photos may still be uploading)

LEGS Zürich 2016
Samstag/Saturday 27 Feb
im//at Corner College Zürich
von//from 11h ununterbrochen//ongoing
während//during 7 – 9 Stunden//hours
mit vielen eingeladenen Künstler_innen/Performer_innen aus Zürich und Umgebung//performed by a lot of invited artists_performers from and around Zurich
Zuschauer_innen können kommen und gehen//audience is invited to come and go throughout the day

LEGS Zürich 2016 was initiated by Dorothea Rust as a transmitter after her participation in LEGS Toronto 2015, which was the second LEGS event after LEGS Montréal 2015.