July 2018

Isabel Reiß
Waben, Schlangen, Felder

Dimitrina Sevova, Text on the exhibition (printable as PDF 60KB)

March 2018

Endless Conversation – Spacing!
A Curatorial Research
On the Politics of Language and the Aesthetics of Affect –
Thinking Art Beyond Representation
in Contemporary Art Practices and Production

Martina-Sofie Wildberger, I want to say something (printable as PDF 17KB)

Zine launch
Zine – to March, Clandestine Life of the BoycottGiiirls! 2017

Introduction by the zinesters / editors, and list of contributions (printable as PDF 7.44MB)

February 2018

Axelle Stiefel
la chambre d'écoute

Conversation with Axelle Stiefel by Dimitrina Sevova (printable as PDF 3.20MB)

Stan Iordanov on his sound piece (printable as PDF 59KB)