December 2017

Corner College at
UNTERTAGE im Waldhuus
best of visarte zürich & guests

Curatorial Statement by Dimitrina Sevova and Alan Roth

Artists' Works

Artists' Bios

Artist statements on Johanna Bruckner's Total Algorithms of Partiality and Scaffold

Text about Anne-Laure Franchette's Archéologie du chantier by Dimitrina Sevova

Text about Milva Stutz's Natural Module by Dimitrina Sevova and Milva Stutz

Artist statement on Katharina Swoboda's work Penguin Pool

November 2017

Nicole Bachmann
I say

Interview with Nicole Bachmann by Dimitrina Sevova (in printable format as PDF 277KB)

Text on Nicole Bachmann's I say by Dimitrina Sevova (in printable format as PDF 1.08MB)

October 2017

trans-local Sympodium
What’s Wrong with Performance Art?

Event program with abstracts

Curatorial Input / Kuratorischer Input

Flyer (en / de)

September 2017

The Swiss Psychotropic Gold
what is your mission?

Interview with knowbotiq (Yvonne Wilhelm & Christian Huebler) by Dimitrina Sevova and Alan Roth (printable as PDF 5.79MB)

April 2017

Uriel Orlow personal exhibition
Geraniums Are Never Red

Interview with Uriel Orlow by Dimitrina Sevova (printable as PDF 3.84MB).