On this website you will find materials about and around the projects, exhibitions, and events at Corner College, be it documentation of the projects, additional reading, or texts and materials produced for and in the course of these projects.

Some recent materials may have direct links from this page. Other materials can be found under the year and month of the respective project.



October 2017

trans-local Sympodium
What’s Wrong with Performance Art?

Event program with abstracts

Curatorial Input / Kuratorischer Input

Flyer (en / de)

April 2017

Uriel Orlow personal exhibition
Geraniums Are Never Red

Interview with Uriel Orlow by Dimitrina Sevova (printable as PDF 3.84MB).


October 2016

End!angered Species
Plantation Memories and Other Troubled Voices
in the Age of the Capitalocene

Corner College zu Gast im TAUT und im Kunstverein Wagenhalle e.V.,
Innerer Nordbahnhof 1, Tor 4 - 6, 70191 Stuttgart


Artists' Works and Bios (printable as PDF 6.01MB).

Curatorial Text by Dimitrina Sevova (printable as PDF 369KB).

August 2016

#work #dance #labor #movements

Curatorial Text by Dimitrina Sevova and Alan Roth (printable as PDF 164KB).

Text by Dimitrina Sevova and Alan Roth about Love Any Out of (90 Seconds) End by Discoteca Flaming Star (printable as PDF 143KB).

July 2016

Emporium of Benevolent Data

Curatorial Text by Dimitrina Sevova & Alan Roth (printable as PDF 211KB).

March 2016

No-where? Now-here!
The Molecular Books of Life – Colleges of Unreason
An idea-driven group exhibition about the practices of writing and the book on one page.

Curatorial Research by Dimitrina Sevova in collaboration with Alan Roth (printable as PDF 998KB).

February 2016

New Series: The Artist as The Curator as The Artist
(The Art of Curating or How about a Paracuratorial Turn?)

Curatorial Concept by Dimitrina Sevova in collaboration with Alan Roth (printable as PDF 206KB).

LEGS Zürich 2016

Photo documentation, with photos by Urs Schmid and by code flow.


December 2015

Cold. War. Hot. Stars.
The Iron(y) Helmet of the Intellect

Curatorial concept by Dimitrina Sevova (printable as PDF 221KB).

February 2015

Collecting the Future
A Sinopale Exhibition

Sinopale Newspaper (printable as PDF 3.35MB).

January 2015

New Series: Home of the Brave: Archeology of the Moving Image

Home of the Brave – Archaeology of the Moving Image, text by Dimitrina Sevova introducing the new series (printable as PDF 145KB).